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Appetizers, side dishes, main course.
Be creative in the kitchen with Squassoni’s products. Have a look at some easy and quick ideas.

Sandwich with Cotechino and turnip greens

sandwich with cotechino and turnip greens

Our Cotechino delle Grazie, due to its lower amount of salt, spices and fat, is suitable even during warmer months.
Try it with turnip greens... The result will surprise you!

Smoked carrè chops

smoked carrè chops

Smoked pork chops quick and easy to prepare... heat up the plate and lunch is served!
It comes with a fresh tomato bruschetta and roast potatoes!

Coppa cooked in wine, Brie and potatoes

coppa cooked in wine, brie and potatoes

Try our Coppa cooked in wine on toasted bread, garnished with brie cheese and potatoes... a pleasure for the palate!

Spalla Cotta, fresh cheese and salad

spalla cotta, fresh cheese and salad

Spalla Cotta is a typical niche cured meat produced in the towns bordering the Po river from Parma to Mantua.
We suggest it as a starter together with fresh cheese and salad.
A tasty and nutritious combo.

Focaccia with Coppa cooked in wine and pumpkin cream

focaccia with coppa cooked in wine and pumpkin cream

Our Coppa cooked in wine, laid on a focaccia base, garnished with a pumpkin cream.

Sandwich with Manzo alla Gonzaga

sandwich with manzo alla gonzaga

This is how you can enjoy a traditional product in a modern way!

Focaccia with oven-baked pancetta and grilled zucchini

focaccia with oven-baked pancetta and grilled zucchini

Focaccia with grilled zucchini and our oven-baked pancetta... How could you resist it?