The most iconic product of the Mantuan food culture

mantuan salami

Mantuan Salami

mantuan salami

Gluten-free and Allergen-free product

Often underestimated, this kind of salami is instead made from all the best cuts of the Italian heavy pigs: coppa (neck), shoulder, loin, ham, belly.
Special care is given to meat processing and to natural curing (which takes several months, with a minimum of 2 months for the smallest sizes) in masonry root cellars.

Analisi sensoriale salame mantovano

In 2012 ERSAF - Ente della Regione Lombardia (Body of the Lombardy Region) compared the salami of the main Mantuan producers, both handcrafted and industrial, in order to define the sensory features of the Mantuan Salami.
In the final conclusions of such research, Squassoni’s salami (S9) was classified as follows:
“It presents the utmost intensity of indicators: scent (fruity aroma), sweetness, solubility, nutmeg and juniper aroma. At the same time, it presents the minimum intensity of salty, sour, spiciness of pepper and garlic aroma.”


  • Whole piece Whole piece
  • Plastic Tray Plastic Tray
  • Natural pork gut
  • Intense and persistent scent, sweet taste and slightly garlicky
  • Lack of milk proteins, gluten and microbial starters
  • Weight: from 0,6 to 1,2 Kg