Our tradition

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Simplicity and traditions are vital for us. In our factory we protect such values, always in compliance with the sanitary laws and the quality of Italian meats.

An unique place where expertise and passion are essential to give inimitable aromatic characteristics to our products.

Squassoni salumi meat dough processing
Squassoni salumi cured meat processing
Squassoni salumi product wrapping
All the products are gluten free and no food allergens are present.

Squassoni has achieved remarkable awards both from the local press and national food journals such as Gambero Rosso and Touring Club Italiano magazines.

Squassoni salumi Manzo alla Gonzaga cooking

Squassoni Salumi has been listed in the Atlas of typical products of protected parks by the Italian Minister of Agriculture on the recommendation of the Slow Food Association.

Squassoni salumi product seasoning

Due to our mission of safeguarding the local eno-gastronomic production, Squassoni Salumi has been a guest in several national TV shows/strong> such as Linea Verde and La Vecchia Fattoria.

During such events, the manufacturing processes of Mantuan salami and “salame con la lingua”, a unique product that is traditionally eaten on the Assumption Day, have been presented.
The latter has been awarded with the Chiocciola d’oro by Slow Food.

Squassoni salumi Mantuan salami seasoning